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Real Estate==>Destin ahh peace and tranquilty. Destin Real Estate is where you need to be.

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 So the above is a pretty picture right? How cool would it be to own the house, with all the furnishings? Oh, yeah that would be great and I can help with both.

Real Estate, yep that's me, and now I'm also selling specialized products on and thru Amazon.  So, now we can get the home of your dreams along with all the extras. One stop shop! 

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My Blog

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My Blog

Hmm area! Cool, pretty and OH MY!

We have many visitor's from all over the world these snakes are not to be messed with as they are bad DO NOT TOUCH!

I saw this picture at one of our local rest area and wanted to share with you! 

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Oh, by the Way, I wrote this.

So, every so I often I write stuff. This is my page of posts, articles and other stuff that I have written. Please enjoy!

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79 Butterfly Lane

Country Living at its finest. Estate Sale near Lake Seminole, needs finishing TLC, private, secluded, w room to grow. Must see this Unique Property! 

ps. it has a secret room! 850-830-7720